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How to Attach a Lace Front Wig

on December 1, 2011

Lace front wigs have afforded lots of females the possibility to flaunt the perfect hair in the most convenient method. These wigs present loads of forms and shades to pick from; there is certainly a lace front wig for each person. The women in the present day are very on the go and career-driven; they don’t have a good deal of time to spend prolonged hours in the beauty shop simply to make their hair styled. During special meetings, a lace front wig is the fastest preference to flash an alluring crowning glory. Lace front wigs use a concealed lace support so if you have it on, it will appear natural as the wig appear to be deep-rooted in your scalp.

It is reasonably easy to put on a lace front wig; you can even see thorough methodical videos all over the net. However, if it is your first time to put on one and you would like to be assured, you can always invite a stylist achieve it for you. When you get accustomed to it, you could surely do the task yourself.

Lace front wigs can be affixed on the head either by glue or a double-sided tape. By any way, you must firmly pull together and veil your natural hair by tying it securely or wearing a wig cap. If you choose to use glue, position the wig already and begin spreading the glue on the lace base. Check that the tresses of the wig are not smeared with glue. Begin putting on a portion of the base lace, press it down for a few minutes then continue to the next area until every part is coated.

If you decide to use a double-sided tape, you only have to cut 3-inch bits of the tape and stick it along the hairline where the base lace will be attached. Make certain that the tapes are placed closely to each other so that all areas are of the lace front will be securely attached to the hairline. Once the tapes are in place, force down the base lace onto the tapes tightly. The wig must be totally attached in a few minutes.


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